Postcard from Stockholm

A month ago, I hopped on a train with my one-way-ticket from Copenhagen to Stockholm, with 5 bags and a skateboard, which is safe to say, was the absolute limit of what I could carry.

As I crossed the bridge, I felt an equal rush of excitement and uncertainty. Time for an adventure! But also, what is waiting for me when I get off this train? (Having never been to Stockholm before, this seemed to be a legit question.)

One month in and I definitely haven’t regretted my decision. Many new things to take in, but it’s been so refreshing to jump into another environment, different ways of doing things, and most importantly, to be met by some extremely welcoming people. I may have underestimated the logistics involved in moving countries and the tiredness that follows heaps of new impressions, but other than that, I can’t complain.

Being welcomed into a team and being listened to. Working together, rather than just working next to each other. Being cared for as an employee and working with people who have an understanding for the demands and challenges of the job. AND on top of that, being surrounded by rocks, and people who are equally psyched to go climbing all the time.

I still don’t know what is waiting for me, but so far so good, and I’m thankful for the warm Swedish welcome.